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We also use massage therapy to increase limb and joint mobility and circulation of our residents – we have massage chairs, massage mats, percussion massage guns and hydrotherapy in our premises and these are constantly in use by our residents. We also have foot spas and massages for our residents.

Foot Spa.png

Foot Spas and Massages aren’t just good fun – at LC Nursing Home, we use this as one of our tools to help our residents relax and to reduce anxiety and also to improve circulation as the gentle massaging effects of the hydrotherapy bubbles in the foot spa tub and the foot massage machines are a gentle way of helping residents increasing comfort in their feet.

Foot massage.png
Massage Mat.png
Massage Chair 1.png

Our LCNH residents love a good massage. We have dedicated massage chair area for residents where they can socialize and enjoy music and movie screenings. For those who are non-ambulatory, we have bed massage pads which they can enjoy in the comfort of their own beds.

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