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L C Nursing Home believes that every resident that it houses in its premises deserves to be happy. Residency in nursing homes should not be viewed as just “a place where they wait to die”. A nursing home should be a resident’s home. And home is where you are happy.


L C Nursing Home takes the comfort of our residents seriously, and we provide physical therapy, massage chairs, massage mats, foot spa baths and and activities for every resident. We are currently installing jacuzzi hydrotherapy baths for our elderly residents – we are the only nursing home in Singapore to do this. 

Food is an important part of life at L C Nursing Home. We have 2 Singaporean cooks, who are familiar with the taste palate of Singaporean residents who make delicious and balanced meals in accordance with our dietician designed meal plans.


In addition, we supplement the meal plan with Singaporean treats, such as Soya Sauce chicken from a renown restaurant in Singapore, and Tanjong Rhu char siew baos which our residents love.

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