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Residents at L C Nursing Home enjoy a variety of activities, including group games, arts & crafts, karaoke and movie screenings.


Due to COVID19, we have had to put a temporary stop to visits from the students and volunteers from schools and voluntary organisations.


We are continuing to organize different activities to keep our elderly folk engaged and occupied within the constraints and safeguards necessary during COVID19.

Activities at LCNH include:

  • Puzzle based sensation therapy is a useful way to help our elderly residents with hand-eye coordination and to stimulate their minds as they solve simple puzzles.

  • Residents also enjoy arts and crafts and coloring as a creative outlet and to stimulate hand/eye coordination and as gentle entertainment.

  • Celebrations are a big part of life at LC Nursing Home – Birthdays, Christmas, National holidays.

  • Group Games, Movie Screenings, Karaoke

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