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L C Nursing Home has been actively taking precautions against COVID19 since December 2019, prior to any other nursing home. We developed, in conjunction with Xentific Labs, our own antimicrobial solution, BIOCLOX, to keep our premises free from viruses. BIOCLOX has been lab tested and verified for antimicrobial efficiencies ( , and we have installed 7 stage air purifiers, robotic cleaners and provided all our staff with personal disinfection diffusers. We started implementing staff and visitor health screenings and  mask wearing in January 2020 in advance of government issued guidelines. We have also installed an industry clean room grade air chamber which we customized for disinfection of all visitors and staff to our premises.


Unlike other nursing homes in Singapore and internationally, all our staff and patients have been tested negative for COVID19.


We continue to innovate and adapt as a management team to the changing situation presented by the COVID19 pandemic, and take utmost care in ensuring that all our vulnerable elderly residents and our staff are kept safe at all times.


LC Nursing Home, together with Xentific Labs, developed BIOCLOX to effectively clean the air and surfaces in the premises of L C Nursing Home. Having looked at the available options on the market, it was imperative for L C Nursing Home to find a product that was sustainable for long term usage and suitable for aerosol diffusion to clean the air. It was in response to these requirements to mitigate the COVID19 risks that BIOCLOX was developed.


BIOCLOX harnesses the combined power of BIOCLOX Oxidising agents and pure natural extracts for effective antibacterial and antiviral disinfection. It is suitable for use with any of the BIOCLOX diffusers or combination diffuser-air purifiers to actively clean the air, surfaces and fabric and atomises easily through the BIOCLOX diffuser or combination diffuser-air purifier into a fine mist which evenly distributes the active compounds of the BIOCLOX oxidizing compound to selectively oxidise and disable viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms in the air.


In addition, being alcohol free, BIOCLOX provides a safe and sustainable alternative to alcohol based sanitisers, which  are not entirely suitable for elderly residents and long term usage as alcohol dries the skin and strip it of its natural protective barriers.


We have installed the BIOCLOX 7 Stage Air purifiers throughout L C Nursing Home to ensure that the air in all of the nursing home is kept clean and to eliminate the risk of airborne contagion of viruses.  In addition to mitigating the COVID19 risk in our nursing home, we have noticed that the incidence of colds, coughs, fevers and allergies have also been reduced since using the BIOCLOX solution and the BIOCLOX 7 Stage Air purifiers throughout our premises.


The BIOCLOX 7 stage  Air Purifier cleans the air in 7 stages, including HEPA, antibacterial and activated carbon filtration, cold catalyst , negative ionization, UV sterilization and diffusion of BIOCLOX for continued disinfection of the air.

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We have installed at our premises an industry clean room grade air shower chamber which has been customized to our requirements with a diffuser which atomises BIOCLOX solution into the chamber.


In addition to all the usual entry/health screening protocols, we require all patients, visitors and staff to be disinfected via the air shower chamber before entering into the nursing home premises to further ensure that they and their clothes and items are sufficiently sanitized and to further reduce any contagion risk.


We are the only nursing home in Singapore that currently has this industry clean room grade air shower installed on premise for deep disinfection. We are serious about the safety of our residents, staff and visitors.


All BIOCLOX products are available for sale at Alternatively you may approach any of the L C Nursing Home staff for enquiries if you are interested in purchasing or have any questions about BIOCLOX.

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